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KOL pharma database provided by Expedite Software we gives high quality KOL that is well-informed, clear, and accurate. The complexity of the links between healthcare providers, researchers, and others is crucial to concentrate on KOL profiling at local, regional, and worldwide levels and comprehend the connections between them. Our Key Opinion Leader profiling services cover a variety of therapeutic fields. Our procedure includes a detailed examination of the requirements particular target audience. The strategic formulation includes essential phrases and mesh terms like identification, synonyms etc. The in-depth study profiles of Key Opinion Leaders provide updates on their suitable journals, clinical trials, publications, Guidelines, Conferences, Associations, etc. Expedite Software Key Opinion Leaders profiling services are not geography, speciality, therapeutic area, or preferred methodology limited.


1. KOL identification

A customer who uses Expedite Software has an advantage over rivals who might not have found a special group of Key External Experts and Key Opinion Leaders. We take great satisfaction in our capacity to comprehend a client's instructions and provide solutions with extra value. Expedite Software can respond to requests in a flexible and adaptable manner that frequently exceeds that of our rivals. We are not limited by location or the size of the therapeutic region. A unified platform for decision-making is provided for the various functional teams inside a client by Expedite Software methodical and strong approach.

2. KOL profiling and analytics

To provide specialised solutions, Expedite Software finds KOLs using methods for requirement assessment. Our rigorous technique uses in-depth secondary research to find, select, segment, and validate KOLs. Through a type of KOL activities, including publications, congress presentations, clinical trials, guidelines, committees, editorial boards, firm affiliations, regulatory bodies, organisations, and advocacy groups, Expedite Software combines qualitative and quantitative research. Demographics, affiliations and positions in societies, abstracts of significant publications, talks, and participation in clinical trials are all included in the Expedite Software team's detailed profiles of the KOLs. However, the data is ineffective unless the correct filters and analytics are used to provide insights that can be put into practice.

3. KOL Mapping

KOL mapping entails examining multiple data sources for pharmaceutical firms to establish each KOL's level of impact to a highly detailed point. It has the advantage of incorporating several characteristics simultaneously into the identification process, allowing KOLs with a range of experience and competence in a therapeutic area also connections to be targeted. Engaging the proper KOL early on may generate excitement about novel drugs and enhance therapeutic outcomes. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all method for KOL identification and mapping due to the growth in the amount of data accessible for analysis and the variety of techniques used to gather the information. Each selection process should be supported by extensive and high-quality data sources. KOL mapping can finally be used for a variety of reasons. The procedure should be initiated with the appropriate input from the outset to ensure the project's value to a pharmaceutical firm.

4. Medical Events Database

Expedite Software has gathered and curated the most important medical events. The database contains information on approximately 5600 medical events, including presentations, conferences & publications that are listed on official journal pages and commercial journal pages. The data from the medical events are carefully collected by automated procedures. This data assists our clients in identifying the proper specialists for their disease area from their speaking appearances. This technology is now accessible for a monthly fee. For additional information, please contact (+91)9468034775.

5. Medical Insights

Expedite Software KOL engagement offers many opportunities for life science teams to examine their KOL strategy, make adjustments to be more precise and gather insights that enable faster, more data-driven decisions. Our teams can benefit from a virtual engagement strategy that maintains and strengthens relationships with KOLs. All kinds of KOL engagements may be made more efficient, successful, and valuable by utilising a thorough virtual advisory board that produces useful insights that give KOLs a chance to connect and share their knowledge.

6. Medical guidelines

KOLs are authorities in their disciplines who may provide pharmaceutical businesses with vital information and experience during the drug development procedure. KOLs in clinical research offer advice on the target product profile, differentiation, labelling, clinical research programmes, and study locations in the early phases. Read our customer success story about our team that boosts a single authoritative online resource centre for coordinators, investigators, and researchers to see clinical trial paperwork and other materials. This help to learn more about moving crucial clinical trial operations to virtual environments.

7. Medical Journal publications

Pharmaceuticals, Medicine scholars and Doctors all over the world have long considered it essential to publish the results of years of papers in international journals. Thus, using a Publication Support Service provider's assistance makes the process simpler. Expedite Software also offers a publication platform that enables researchers to quickly share any results they deem valuable. Rapid open-access publishing, open peer review, and editorial guidelines on making all source data accessible benefit all papers. Expedite Software looks to publish research that identifies the most effective ways to collect, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care.

Benefits Of Kol Pharma
  • Using the proper KOLs, useful product strategies brand marketing and promotional activities with the KOLs
  • Topics of new product research
  • KOLs data that is ready to utilise, saving time and money
Our Team Of Experts

Our team, which consists of analysts, marketing and sales specialists, and IT experts, combines practical experience with the lessons learned from several projects and years of experience in this field. We thank our team for this knowledge, diligence, devotion, innovation, and challenging effort.






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Why Expedite Software
  • Use internal medical teams to gain qualitative insights to locate and characterise KOLs.
  • Various instruments and cutting-edge analytical methods are used to collect information from publications, clinical trials, and conferences.
  • A reliable system for ranking KOLs and KEEs according to needs.
  • A track record of processing more than 5,000 KOL profiles, globally.
  • Specialises in profiling key thought leaders from both English- and non-English-speaking nations.
  • A seasoned group of research analysts with expertise in healthcare.
  • Unique name-matching research to find distinctive doctors.
  • Track the engagement in activities of the local and international KOLs/KEEs.
  • Use versatile teams with extensive expertise across a range of therapeutic areas.
  • Monitor activity and often update the databases.
  • Observe national laws and regulations.